We Specialize in Helping You Secure Your SCADA Systems

We Specialize in Helping You Secure Your SCADA Systems 150 150 Shandam Consulting

If your organization is a utility, it almost certainly has a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to manage and automate industrial processes.  For years SCADA systems were proprietary platforms that existed as little islands of technology. However, with the advent of the internet, most SCADA systems now share data with business systems in some manner.  This increased sharing of data, coupled with SCADA systems being identified as a high value target by the Department of Homeland Security, has brought an increased security awareness to the risks inherent with SCADA systems.

Here at Shandam Consulting we design, build and implement the networks that support these SCADA systems. We have found that a guide offered by the Department of Homeland Security is a good starting point for keeping SCADA systems secure:


If your organization has a SCADA system and it has not undergone a security assessment, we can help! Shandam assessments are plain language fact-based reports that give organizations an itemized “to do” list to improve their network security, as well as help managers plan for IT expenditures.