Our Approach

Why we're successful.
1. Listen.

We ask a lot of questions! We recognize that no one understands a network’s needs, quirks, and intricacies better than those who rely on that network, and those who maintain it.

2. Evaluate and Assess.

We review everything from top to bottom, including (but not limited to) cabling,  physical security, firewall policy, wireless systems, hardware, software, routers, switches, anti-virus protection, power distribution, air temperature, and anything else that will help us get you the best solution possible.

3. Review and develop policies and procedures.

Often, problems are addressed most effectively by modifying the way things are done in the office, rather than acquiring new, expensive equipment.

4. Measure everything.

What isn’t measured cannot be managed. Therefore, we setup monitoring systems that render precise, objective metrics on your network’s health and performance.

5. Design, Implement, and Optimize.

We develop a project plan to optimize your network, solve your problems and meet performance, security, and capacity requirements. If new hardware or software is needed, we can support the procurement cycle, and we can install it. However, we don’t sell equipment and may even recommend you don’t buy a thing. Every network is different.

6. Sum it all up.

We generate a comprehensive report that details our findings in plain and simple language that is easily understood by both “techies” and “non-techies.” We also rate the severity of snags and problems, and prescribe concrete steps for effectively addressing them.

Often, even the most resistant staff embrace the process and results once they begin to understand how much it helps them.

7. Leave you well informed and empowered.

We communicate our knowledge completely. We leave you with a network that you and your staff understand, and can manage and troubleshoot confidently for years to come.