Craig Powell — President/COO, Ettore’s

Craig Powell — President/COO, Ettore’s 322 322 Shandam Consulting

We’re in the midst of rapidly scaling our business. We’ve been in business for 32 years but have doubled in size in the last 18 months. Not surprisingly, our IT infrastructure, our systems, our processes were not in a condition to withstand that kind of volume increase. Scott and his team helped us conduct an assessment of where we were with risks, threats and capacity. Not surprisingly, the result showed we were deficient in a lot of areas. They helped us define the most efficient way to get where we needed to be.

For implementation, they helped us by identifying the right hardware and software and working with various vendors. At no time did I get the sense that they were trying to sell services. It was always at an arm’s length, offering what was appropriate and professional. We’re very pleased with where we’re at.

What I really appreciate is that there was not a lot of wasted time or effort. It was a very efficient process. “Here are the issues. Here are the solutions. Here’s how we get there.” And it was relatively painless.