Dale Bosley – Former CIO, California Energy Commission

Dale Bosley – Former CIO, California Energy Commission 600 600 Shandam Consulting

The project management support provided by Shandam has consistently met or exceeded our user requirements. Projects have been implemented within budget and time constraints. This has resulted in dramatic improvements in network architecture, security, monitoring and reliability.

Before they stepped in, our helpdesk phone rang off the hook. Shandam installed an extremely sophisticated network monitoring system that would detect even a 100 ms message delay and send a notification telling you to check out this server, system, or connectivity issue. Now, instead of reacting to problems, we spend the majority of our time proactively monitoring, managing and planning network activities.

You have a team here who can work the server room and the board room. They can explain the problem in terms that our leadership can understand and appreciate. They can carry a presentation to our management group then sit down with our tech people and get the job done. They cover all the aspects of an organization to help them do a better job.